Supervisor Estelle Fennell
Estelle on the job

My first term as 2nd District Supervisor was very productive, with many positive accomplishments that came to fruition by working with my community and colleagues on the Board. Teamwork is the key. Working together we can accomplish great things. Here is a partial list of my work for you:


Established regular office hours in Fortuna (Thursday 9:00 AM to Noon) and in Garberville (Friday 9:00 AM to Noon).

Worked with Humboldt Access TV to bring live (and rebroadcast) coverage of County meetings and hearings to Southern Humboldt via Wavecable.

Worked with the Sheriff’s SWAP program, Cal Fire, the Fire Safe Clearing program and Recology to clear the extreme fire hazard in the Bear Canyon area north of Garberville which threatened the Senior Housing, the Hospital and the PG&E transfer station.

Increased Public Participation and outreach for my District and Humboldt County. Worked hard to ensure that Section 1500 (Citizen Participation) was put back into the General Plan Update.

Worked to bring the first-ever official meeting of the Board of Supervisors to Redway during the Land Use Mapping phase of the General Plan Update.

Worked with County Environmental Health Division and local Veterinary on a Parvo Vaccine Program and outreach during Parvo outbreak.

Worked on approval of the Palmer St. Water Tank Project funding through the CBDG grant for Fortuna.

Working with Department of Public Works and the Public Utilities Commission to finalize a PG&E power line undergrounding project for the Garberville Town Square and Hydesville.

Streamlined the regulatory process for current and new Business owners.

Working with the Planning Department and the Southern Humboldt Community Park Board to finalize the process of permitting this beautiful park.

Secured funding for repairs to the Garberville library

Worked to remove bureaucratic hurdles to ensure the City of Fortuna could move forward successfully with its’ annexation of the River Walk area.

Worked with our State Senator and Assemblyman to expedite the permitting process for Fortuna Green’s Pharmacy so that they could open back up to serve their community after a devastating fire in downtown Fortuna.

Worked to ensure that Keith’s Pharmacy in Garberville could continue serving the public as the pharmacy transitioned from a corporate to a local small business model.

Worked with Colleagues to stabilize rural Ambulance Service from Orick to Southern Humboldt.



Worked with local citizens and the Humboldt Planning Department to revise policies allowing for increased water tank storage capacity for land owners and streamlining the permitting process.

Worked with the Community of Weott and initiated a declaration of emergency in order to fund and move forward with emergency repairs to the community water supply infrastructure.

Working on Sustainable Groundwater Management Act implementation with local stakeholders to ensure that the County will retain local control under the Act.

Worked with my colleagues to acquire the 1,000 acre McKay Tract for a working Community Forest on the outskirts of Eureka.

Supported the successful work of my colleagues to put pressure on and get the Federal Government to honor a 1959 water agreement and release 50,000 acre feet to the Trinity River/lower Klamath River.

As a member of the North Coast Railroad Authority worked on several collaborative efforts to protect fisheries in areas impacted by historic railroad infrastructure; facilitate moving forward with the Bay Trail Project; facilitate the Loleta downtown park; facilitate cleanup of the Balloon Tract and numerous community partnership–style projects.



Pushed for and subsequently moved Humboldt County forward with a Community Choice Aggregation program for local control of Renewable and Clean Power sourcing in the County.

Supported an Ordinance that streamlines the permitting process for rooftop solar installations.

In the process of sponsoring Electrical Vehicle Hookup permitting for owners of Electrical Vehicles in Humboldt County.



Working to build collaboration between DHSS, Office of Education and schools in support of behavioral health services for students.

Worked on Safe Routes to School Funding for Fortuna and Rio Dell.

In response to parents’ concerns I worked with Public Works and Hydesville community members to reduce the speed limit in the school zone.



Expanded and increased Bus Service for Seniors and community.

Worked to get In Home Health Care Workers (IHSS) a long overdue raise.

Measure Z Funding for an Elder Abuse Investigator.

Voted to allow second units on private property to help alleviate affordable housing shortage. (Granny Units)

Voted to streamline permitting process to get more affordable housing built.



Secured funding for deferred maintenance costs for the Fortuna and Garberville Veterans’ Halls.



Restructuring of the DHHS to better serve people in need and ensure that outlying rural areas are better served.

Worked to build coalition between DHSS, Office of Education and schools in support of behavioral health services for students.



Working with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on rural expansion of the MIST program, (Mobile Intervention Services Team) to out reach to our rural homeless population.

Developed and implemented Extreme Weather Shelter protocols in order to facilitate communication between homeless advocacy groups and potential extreme weather shelter venues.

Voted to streamline permitting process to get more affordable housing built.



Increased Road maintenance funding for our 2nd District.

Worked to allocate an extra One million dollars of Measure Z money to fix our roads after storm damage.

Worked to ensure emergency funding that allowed for a permanent fix to an actively moving area of the Bluffs between Garberville and Redway

Worked with the Fox Creek Carlotta community and Humboldt Redwoods to negotiate a permanent fix for failed culverts and road wash outs.



Facilitated and Participated in several Town Hall meetings with Law Enforcement and Community.

Working on Fire District formation throughout the County as a member of the Supervisors’ Fire Services Committee.

Worked with Public Works Department to ensure safer pedestrian crossings in downtown Garberville. And install a new pedestrian crossing at the Town Square.

Worked to ensure improved access to Little Black Sands Beach in Shelter Cove for emergency vehicles.



Being on the Measure Z Public Safety Ad Hoc Committee, I worked to ensure strong citizen participation in decision making about how the half-cent sales tax revenue would be spent.

This ensured:

Increased funding for all Rural Fire Departments.

Increased funding for the District Attorney’s Office.

Increased funding for Law Enforcement Personnel for our rural areas.

Funds for the very successful Mobile Intervention and Services Team (MIST) in the Eureka, which is now being expanded into our rural areas to help our rural homeless population.

Funds for Fortuna and Rio Dell Police Departments

Increased funding for our Road maintenance.

Funding for an Elder Abuse Investigator.

Funding for overdue tree cutting and maintenance for Garberville Airport .

Matching Funds for Garberville and Fortuna clean up crews (Pack Out Green and Eel River Clean Up) for dump fees associated with environmental cleanup of illegal/camping dumping.



As a member of the Supervisors Ad Hoc Committee on Medical Marijuana worked diligently to ensure passage of a sensible Medical Marijuana ordinance that protects the environment and retains Local Control over land use permitting.

Worked on and passed a Humboldt County Resolution against Rodenticides used for Marijuana cultivation.

Working with the North Coast Counties Cannabis Policy Group to ensure local control and awareness of rural counties’ concerns at the State level.

Hosted and attended several State-Federal-Local meetings to facilitate better understanding between agencies on this complex issue.

Working with Board of Equalization Chair Fiona Ma and her staff on tax issues related to commercial cannabis cultivation and sales.

Working on the many facets of local implementation of the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA).



Introduced Campaign Finance Reform. Voted to reduce the amount any individual or entity can contribute from over $25,000 down to $1,500.00.


2nd District

2nd District Humboldt County