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Safe Routes to School Funding

California Transportation Commission’s Active Transportation Program awarded funding to four projects in Humboldt County this week. Two of those projects were in the 2nd District. The other projects are in Trinidad and Hoopa.

Through the funding, safe routes to schools projects will be started in Fortuna and Rio Dell. South Fortuna Elementary will receive almost $900,000 and Rio Dell’s K-8 schools will receive $1.5 million.

This is the program that also funded the recent improvements around Redway Elementary School.

Grant workshop for school funding in Fortuna

A successful grant requires the kind of information and input gathered at workshops like this one Estelle participated in at South Fortuna Elementary last February.


The school is located on the well-travelled Newburg Road and safe access for kids is a real challenge. Improvements to access will hopefully address this kind of dangerous behavior.

wide streets but needs sidewalks

This neighborhood right by the school has plenty of wide streets but needs sidewalks so kids can walk safely to school.

Grant workshop meeting in Fortuna for school funding

After the tour, teachers, safety personnel and parents discuss options for improving routes to school for kids.

safe routes to school funding

Thanks to all who work for a safer community for the kids.

~Estelle Fennell